domingo, 6 de janeiro de 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow..

Hi everyone,

Never stopped to think how this song can change your heart and soul...It's my wish to you all: when you have a hard day,tiring day,just take a peek and listen it.Sometimes i have some singing skills, my friends usually say this to me:Girl, you have a beautiful voice..I admit it,not for all kinds of rhytms,but sometimes i'm inspired..Today is that day..I swear if i could, i would sing for you all.My heart "issue" is getting away from me,thank god.Today,i'll have a test to be a children history teacher at a city far about 50 minutes from where i live,i hope this will be fine.A message for my dear friend,Suzanne:Darlin', i would never have enough words to thank you for all the support you gave me,all the efforts that you made to bring together so many people to help me how to handle with this..Thank you all guys!I've even almost cried when i start to remember how can tecnology brought us all together..So fantastic!It's making a beautiful sunny day here today,i won't go to the beach today only because of this test,but it's not a problem,i have the hole january to do this,it's now Summer in Brazil( thank god!)..We have warm water here all year long,city is full os tourists,please be yourself all welcome to visit our fantastic beaches,i'll promise to be a nice tourist guide!Yesterday i was thinkin' about a soap opera which is passing on tv,called Duas Caras("Two faces,translating it!)..Too much violence,poverty,but it's some kind of our reality and it has to be shown..This is something i wanna tell ya: i love writing about these subjects,how can social issues can affect our lives..Perhaps it's my destiny: being a journalist?Don't know,but i bet it would be great, i used to write poems and texts to my school journal,and believe me, people thought they were really good!I hope all my dreams(of course,yours too!) come true...I'm tryin' to figure me out,it's a tough work but it's an important thing,to make you feel better with yourself and face the world with courage..

All the best,always! XOXO Ludmila.

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Suzanne disse...

My Dear Friend,

What a beautiful smile, gorgeous gerber daisies, goldenrod and ferns. They all gave their life to make you look extra beautiful, so enjoy them and they you.

I wish you the very best with your interview to secure a job as a children's history teacher. You'd be great. I can't imagine you won't get it. Almost an hour that okay for you? You could always move closer to the school if that's an option.

I love you sweetie. Thank you for your kind words. It's been a difficult day and to hear such beautiful words from so far away matters more than you know. I think, as you do, that technology is brilliant. I'm so disappointed in 1pic for so many reasons, but the fact he brought us all together is his gift to us. I wouldn't change a thing because without him and all this pain, I wouldn't have all of you. You're worth it.

I read the comments from the past few days and they're wonderfully supportive and kind. I knew my friends would never let you down. They have great advice. It's such a small world sweetie!!!

I love you honey. Hang in there and let us know as soon as you learn the results of your interview (test).

Much love,
Suzanne XO :)

Ludmila M. disse...

By the way, yesterady a had a terrible conversation with Fabio, that guy i've told ya last week..He said that i've made a role for him, could you imagine that?!I got sad yesterday,he said too many hard things about me,and when i talked this to my mother she was "by his side",saying that i actually played a role with him coz i called him to came at my house..I could not accept this.We've argued this morning,me and her..
By the way, didn't talk to Cid'd mom yet, i think i'm a bit scared, but i promise i'll do this when i get back from Recife.The book that i've bought for him?Don't know if i should bring it on my suitcase and give it to him there or just leave here,at my house's and wait to give it for his mother..Too many questions..Please, whenever you can,take a peek at this song:Big Big world,sung my Emilia.."Old" song, but i think it's very similar to my history..
Best wishes,always!
XOXO from Ludmila.

Suzanne disse...

Relax sweetie. Take the book and give it to him. Life is not as complicated as it seems. You know what you've done and you'll deal with it and your mom. You also know what you want and I think you should pursue it. So often we hesitate. Don't.

I listened to the video on You Tube. It's beautiful. I hope you get this before you leave. Listen to your heart and the little voice that speaks to you. They rarely mislead you.

I love you sweetie,
Suzanne xo