sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2008

Sorry,forgot to post in english!!!!!!!

Just to say that i'm terribly sorry with my foreign friends,today i'll write ONLY in english,right Suzanne?hehe.The post i'll write today is not so good..I cried yesterday for almost half an hour before tryin' to sleep..My mother and i had a terrible argument yesterday..She said only bad stuff about me..That i don't like to study for the contests which are going to happen this year here at our state,she said that i'm a shallow person and only thing that really mathers to me is writing this blog( that she specially said that is totally bullshit..) and worse, being online every time she's staring at me..I just can't get this situation anymore..Yesterday,the point was: why don't i try to do this contest to be a law teacher at a city at about two hours from Maceió, city which i live?I really don't want to do this and you know why?I want to get out of this state, i don't wanna remain here forever..This city is too small for my huge dreams.Like U2's song:"But i still haven't found what i'm looking for"...That's the truth,believe me..I'm still looking for what's special for me,what will bring me happiness and joy on doing it...She says i'm "getting old",time runs, i know,i'm not so stupid..I'm 25 years old..I must tell you all that i like to do some photography,like to learn some foreign idioms(just i'm doing to you all now, i just love writing to you all guys...) and the one i like most:writing..This is my special skill, i think you all knew this,considering the fact it was my choice to write almost every day to you all in english and i do this because i really like it,not because someone is pushing me to do this..Sometimes my thought drives myself crazy,too many thought for just one person..I wanna get rid of this awful situation but i don't know how,yet...On my last post i said that 2008 will be a great year and believe me,it will be,no matter how hard i struggle with anyone who tries to put me down..All the best for you,always!

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bindhiya disse...

am following your blog for so many days now..this is time for a comment...
To the situation...your mom saying something to you cause she care about your life....till am a mother i have no idea why my mom is behind me all the time...but now i know, am a mother..i care about my daughter more than my life, health, love anything in the world...
I am not saying your mother is right and you are wrong, just think from her view...and forgive her..
now i wish my mom is here with me..
Work hard for your dreams, one day it will come true.
take care

Suzanne disse...

Hi Lud! (I like that!)

Sounds as if you've had a rough few days. Sorry about that honey. I'm so happy to see Bindi's here. She's a very wise woman and a true friend and her words are always a comfort. They certainly are to me. Even reading her comments here makes me feel warm and puts a smile on my face and it isn't even a comment to me!!!

When I was in my teens my mother and I didn't get along very well. It was a very painful and difficult time because I wanted desperately for her to understand and support me. Once I left home for college and to live with Rob, slowly our relationship changed. Over the decades we've become wonderful friends and we care deeply about one another. I finally stopped looking at her as just my mom and started looking at her as a woman with the same sorts of problems, insecurities, hopes and dreams. Did she make lots of mistakes as a parent? You bet she did! But I made lots of mistakes as a daughter, so it was easy, once that was established, to meet in the middle and start truly loving and appreciating one another.

I agree with Bindi, your mother isn't right and you wrong, but take a few minutes to reflect on the conversation with her. What did she say that you know is true and what did she say that you know is pure rubbish. Throw out the rubbish and be done with it. You're left with the truth. Give it some thought and decide what you want to do. You can act on it now, or just store it away for safe keeping to use at a later date. Have an imaginary, beautiful little box where you stash the truth and when you need some, you can easily find it.

You're struggling because your dreams are in conflict with your reality. You have some hard choices ahead and that my dear is a journey only you can take. In your heart, you know what you want and have to decide which path to chose. You will, right or wrong, you will. We all do. Just know that your life is your own, it's most likely the only one you will ever consciously remember, so don't waste it. Listen to the little voice that speaks to you. It's rarely wrong.

"Go confidently
in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you imagined."
~Henry David Thoreau

I love you sweetie and hope you're having a better day. We'll talk soon.

Huge hug and kiss,
Suzy (my nic name!) :)

Ludmila M. disse...

Hi Bindhiya,
Thanks for your kind comment..I'll truly think about it..Things got better today,don't know till when,but it's better..Yesterday i had a conversation with one friend of mine,lots of things you said here,he said it too..Thank you so much for stopping by,i apreciate your support..
Take care u too,

bindhiya disse...

am glad to know you feeling better today.
There is a lot of people try to put you down by their negative thoughts.. but as Suzanne says "listen to your inner voice". only you know your situation. try to think clear and what seems right for you.
Take care
Kind thoughts

bindhiya disse...

Sorry Ludmila

My Goodness Suzanne,
Am I a wise women, I don't think so....If I am where would I'll be.. :)
love you dear one...
You are so sweet...

Suzanne disse...

Bindi...yes, a very wise woman. I'm absolutely sure of that. You made choices that led you to all of us. It may not be where you want to be ultimately, but for now you have the support of this wonderful community, a dear baby and a nice hubby, I think that's pretty good. You always speak the truth and care about others and do so in a very throughtful, mature and loving way and because of that you are wise.

Have a nice day honey,
XO Suzanne

bindhiya disse...

Hope you are fine..
Let me tell you something funny and personnel..
when my mom get angry for something (mostly messing in the kitchen), she say something like "what the h*** you doing? or something similar..
I'll look at her eyes and ask her "mom, what does that word means?" She will look at me think one minute and say she don't know..I ask her then why do you say that..she will say her mom used to say that and she is doing the same..then we will both laugh..

Yes, dear Suzanne, I am so happy to have all of you in my life...a wonderful community...loving, caring each other..


Suzanne disse...

And there you go. Bindi, that story was so funny and I think what I love about you most, is you cut through all the crap in about one second. Done. Lud, listen. We've all been there and done that, so we would never misguide you. Never. You'll chose your own path, but take the collective wisdom on these pages to guide you. None of us would EVER mislead you. We want you to be happy and avoid the mistakes we've made, but good luck with that sweetie!

XO Suzanne

Suzanne disse...

Hi my dear, just stopping by today to say a quick hello. Hope everything is okay and that you're enjoying the day.

XO Suzy

kylie disse...

suzanne asked me to drop by and have a look at your blog, so here i am. everything bindi and suzanne say is right....listen to your inner voice and your mum only wants the best for you, even if she doesn't express it the way you want.
i still get annoyed with my mum and i probably always will, but we wouldn't be without them.
take care