segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2008

To my dear friends../Um ano se passou...

Like Carole King,Celine Dion,Shania Twain and Gloria Estefan aid on that song:"You just call up my name and i'll be wherever i am, i will follow,to see you again"...Thank you,thank you, one thousand times i'd say thank you and believe me,that wouldn't be enough..The simple fact to see your contributions to my mind health( don't know if ot's right or wrong,ok?!) is just wonderful..Bindi, you have so many reliable thoughts,nice to see you so many times here..Suzanne, i just love you,be sure!Today,i 've been very lazy.Went to my shrink at the morning,talked about "that subject" which really affects me( i'm working on it).I must say you,about that specific issue, i've jumped out of the boat,if you all understood what that typical brazilian expression means.The truth is: i have to make one simple choice,the one which will chenge my life and bring me joy,happiness and hope.Being a writer is the one which is my dream,but don't bring financial stability and the other one would be to do some contests to be a brazil's government employee( that would be surely great..despite the fact i'm so lazy to start to study for them),ok,i know,it's one of my huge faults..Next month i'll start my photography basic course, i think it would be very nice for me.On march it will happen a brazilian diplomatic contest,don't know for the moment if i'll do this, too much people fighting for the same job..I think it's nice to me coz i speak english,french, a bit of spanish and i can understand some words in italian too..I like very much knowing about other coutries,their language,habits, the way that they live..Today ot's doing one year after i had a wonderful time at Rio,where i was at my last january's vacation.I met a wonderful guy,his name was Gerald and he was german but spoke portuguese very well cause he lived there for a while.We exchenged e-mails till last november,but he suddenly disapeared, really don't know why this happened...My shrink told me today: write down all the things that you want for 2008,that will be nice to help you to make some choices that will bring you confidence on yourself.
All the best for you,always!

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Sérgio Coutinho disse...

concursos literários, para estimular quem se sente bem escrevendo:

bindhiya disse...

Hi Ludmila,
I am glad to know you are feeling better.
Everything will get patient......
take care

Bianca B.C. Capitanio disse...

Olá, Ludmila. Td bem? Li seu comentário no meu blog. Obrigada!
Na verdade, eu uso mais o Blog para divulgar meus trabalhos do que propriamente para gerar contatos.
Coloco o endereço no BLOG na assinatura do meu email para que todas as editoras para as quais envio mensagens oferecendo meu serviços possam ter acesso à minha experiência, saber um pouco mais sobre mim etc...
Ficou bem legal seu blog :o) Você trabalha em que?