sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2007

Hello world,this is me..

Hi folks!

My blog's title today is a song title,sang by the little bit unknown artist,Belle Perez..This song was from the tv programme,Felicity..Very nice,shame it has already finished..Had a very nice time yesterday with my friends and that "special friend" i've said to you,Fabio,yeah,he came, in spite of i was thinking he wouldn't come..Party finished almost 2 am!Of course,Fabio was the last to leave,haha..don't know how i'm going to handle with this new situation,it's been a long time since i had a real commitment with someone..Tough question to answer..He already called me today,because yesterday i told him that me,my mother and sister would go to the beach,unfortunately,the weather was not so good today,it's not raining and the sun is shinin' but it started a bit cloudy,so we didn't go,logically..Today i'm going to a meeting with my college folks,from my law course,our former teacher is here at Maceió,he'd stopped by to visit his friends..I bet it's going to be nice to see all these people who i haven't seen for a long time,not so long,but it's always good having those wonderful moments,being a little bit nostalgic..So,this is my gift for you guys,my photo..Hope you all enjoy..All the best,always!

P.S:By the way,little girl beside me on the photo is my sister,Yasmine,ok?!

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Suzanne disse...

Hi Sweetie!

You and your sister are so beautiful!!! I was happy to see your smiling faces. I too have younger sisters and brothers and when I left for college still had a six year old sister, a four year old brother and a 3 year old brother and lots in between at home. I think I cried every day the first year because I missed them so. What I missed most was their warm hugs and kisses, and how something came out of their mouths every single day that made me laugh myself silly. We had and have a very funny family. My family is still all on the east coast of the US and I'm on the west coast and as you're aware, it's a great distance. I still miss them every day.

It sounds as if you had a lovely evening. Good for you. Why did you think Fabio wouldn't come? He obviously enjoys your company. Good for you. Have fun and enjoy yourself as the relationship developes. I'm eager to hear more!

Love you sweetie, gotta go because life around here is very busy and hectic and I still have others comments to respond to. I'm trying to write less in an effort to cover everyone! Does this seem like less???!!! :)


Sérgio Coutinho disse...

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Sérgio Coutinho disse...

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