quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2007

Special post to my fellas!

Hi everyone,i bet you all brazilian friends will find strange this post in english..But 'im trying to fit with some new people who became part of my life,my routine.Suzanne,1 pic( it's not his name, i can asure you all),Savannah..I have to confess that it's a bit difficult to me to begin this post in english because it's been such a long time that i don't practise my english writing skills..It´s impossible to believe this,i've studied english for almost 10 years!But like all the things you don't practise, you begin to forget this stuff.
Truth is, my new friends are helping at this tusk,i mean it!So nice to see how tecnology can reduce distances like ours.I live in a small,not too small, called Maceió,it's the capital of Alagoas state,which is in Northeast of Brazil.It's a place which has lots of problems with poverty,bad quality of life,not so many have access to study,in spite of this bad things,we have one of the most beautiful beaches all over Brazil,with warm water and lots of different colours: green,light green,blue,light blue,just like the Carribean..
Hope you all could come near by and visit me,i'll be your tourist guide and of course,thank you all for stoping by and always leaving me some caring words,you're so good.Today i've woken up with a terrible noise coming from the seventh floor of my appartment,what a headache,good lord..The appartment's owner asked for a reform,changing all old stuff..So, i had to wake up and hold this boring situation.Had my breakfast and i'll have to confess, i was very curious to see if somebody left a comment,thanks again,and here i am, writing this post to invite you all to come and visit my city one day,it would be great to have you all together here with me.Cheers to one pic, he brought us all together!
P.S: Sorry bout my mistakes in english, i'll get better day after day,with your help!

É ,hoje o dia foi de inovação mesmo..Escrevi a primeira parte do blog em inglês, agradecendo ao blog do maravilhoso onepicaday por ele ter conseguido reunir tantas pessoas de tão diferentes origens juntas e tudo isso por causa de um "blog of note",aqueles blogs interessantes que aparecem na página inicial quando a gente acessa o blog..Falei pra eles onde eu moro, que cidade,um pouco dos problemas daqui, mas é claro que fiz um "merchanzinho" e falei das belezas naturais daqui,óbvio!Fiz aquela boa tarefa de chamar pra conhecer as praias daqui, que verdade seja dita, são realmente maravilhosas!
Como eu falei acima,acordei com um tremendo barulho na cabeça, afinal a "bonitinha" da moradadora do 702 sai e deixa o apartamento dela em reformas,pelo amor de Deus, isso no fim de ano, que presente esse de aniversário que ganhei viu, fala sério!E aí vim pro pc pra ver os recadinhos muito fofos que eles deixam pra mim, incrível imaginar que a maioria deles vem daquele país tão cheio de injustiças( e olha que to sendo muito educada falando assim viu?!) que são os Estados Unidos.É,assim é a tecnologia,ao mesmo tempo ruim,porque traz desunião as pessoas e sempre lutam pra ver quem pode mais, mas também pode aproximar pessoas que nunca imagináriamos conhecer,ainda por cima dessa maneira,via rede mundial de computadores,uma mera utopia há algum tempo atrás.Viva à teconologia!

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savannah_rae disse...

I'm so excited you're writing in English as well!! Are you from Brazil? I hate to hear that there is so much suffering, in such a beautiful place. Seems like, no matter the location, we can all relate to the same problems (be it social, political, personal, etc). I hope your headache gets better, and that you have a beautiful day.


Suzanne disse...

Hi Sweetie. What a beautiful way to enter my day! Thank you for making such an amazing effort to bring us all together. And trust me, I know it is an effort. You are such a beautiful soul and thank you. I hope you have an amazing day.

With so much love,
XO Suzanne from CA

Speroni disse...

your english is better than my portugese?

Anônimo disse...

oh wonderful, your english is very good. i think it is great you were doingthe effort of writing in english. if you do it from time to time it will get better!

I wish I was in Brazil right now, I have never been there but our Bassist lived there for a while and he totally loves it. must be so beautiful. here it is really cold and we don't have much sun. it would be so easy to find nce subjects for photography in your country.

I had a girlfriend who was Portuguese, and we were together for 8 years. I always loved the language, but I can't speak it. because she spoke German so well and grew up in the same place as I did, so there was no reason to learn it. too bad.

now, you take care, and let us know what's going on from time 2 time

bye 1pic

Ludmila M. disse...

Savannah~Thanks for your wonderful post,good to know that we have so much in common.For sure we have really huge social,political issues.Every day it´s the same noise coz of my neighbors..Im' sure it will last!One day i'll try to post not only texts,but photos too.Have a wonderful day and hope Keegan is better.

Anônimo disse...

Pronto Lud, finalmente estou aqui para comentar neste blog cada vez mais interessante e internacional. risos. As you asked me to do, i'll try to write some words in english. oh my poor english... Thats now 6 years, six years without practising it. Keep on writing in english here, so i'll get back in contact with this language. kisses

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