sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2007

Wonderful gift today!Presente maravilhoso hoje!

Today,i woke up with that terrible noise coming from that appartment i've said to you before..It's anoying to wake up this way almost every single day,but i have something to tell that will melt your hearts..Very good to know that somebody cares about me,my posts,specially when it's not written in english,heard lots of complainings,haha..Thank you all for being so kind with me!even if i don't have your faces at my minds,i remember your thoughtful words left here.Today i'm going to celebrate my birthday with my closest friends,despite the fact my real birthday was on 24 th December..I think it's going to be great,coz last wednesday my mother celebrated her birthday,which you can see it's two days after mine,i bet that's why we are so similar,on our behaviours..I've writed about her on my last post..Sorry about my mistakes in english,it's been days i don't write and when it happens,i start to forget something,but never mind,i'll solve this problem,with your help,of course..A very good but new friend called Fábio will come today,i'll tell you later how it was,hope it will be great..So,new year's coming,huh?Good to us!All the best for us,always!

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savannah_rae disse...

What a beautiful picture!!! I hope you have a wonderful time today with your friends celebrating your birthday! Sounds like a fun time!! I look forward to hearing the update. And don't worry about your're doing wonderfully!!

Suzanne disse...

Well, well, we all are as usual! There was something different. I couldn't figure it out at first, then realized halfway though your post you had a PHOTO!!!! HURRAY!!! We need a picture of you next. Smile, look to the camera and click. We're all waitin' honey! I guess I shouldn't use slang, should I? Waitin' is waiting.

I love that you make the effort to write to us in English. We don't care how it comes out, just that it comes out. Hearing from you is a joy.


Hope the birthday celebration with Fabio goes well tonight. If he looks anything like the American Fabio (yes Savannah, I know you're laughing), you'll probably have yourself a mighty good time! Give us the details!

Love you sweetie, and it's so nice to have you back.

XO Suzanne

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